The cottage - Casón del Cantarero

The cottage

Puerta de entrada

This cottage was born in 2006 as a personal dream… as a tribute… as a commitment to keep on the memory of a way of life of a neighbourhood around pottery, simple and useful ceramic. It is a house that still keeps the features and structure of traditional and popular architecture from La Mancha.

El Casón del Cantarero (Cottage of the Potter man) is a cottage that serves as a rural hotel with four full bedrooms with private bathroom, a big living room with a fireplace, a full-equipped kitchen, a court-yard and a cave. Everything has been carefully decorated with the true and typical spirit of La Mancha in a very cosy and warm environment. It is ready for hosting 6 to 8 people (max. 12).

El Casón del Cantarero is located at Mota del Cuervo, a small town in the province of Cuenca, in the middle of the Quixote way, a place where windmills meet the wetlands of La Mancha, a place of infinite fields and blue skies. Next to Mota del Cuervo, our guests could visit El Toboso (homeland of Dulcinea), Campo de Criptana, Belmonte, with its stunning castle, Villaescusa de Haro and San Clemente; all of them sites of rich history, where every stone has a lot to tell…

The promise: my commitment

With the new opening of the house, I tried not only to maintain a physical space, but also the memory of a neighbourhood devoted to a pottery with a very distinct feature, which was once famous and lively but now declining, almost extinct… May these words show my promise:

I promise to proclaim your glories anywhere where life may bring me, potter men and women. I will boast high-nosed that I come from a town where there is a neighbourhood whose women once were goddesses, because by playing with mud, they were able to create beautiful pieces of pottery from soil, as useful as cheap ones (…) and whose men with hardened faces by work and sun, were like gods and with the help of the “urga” (a local tool to stir up the fire) the tamed the flames and put them under their wills, giving miraculously strength and hardness to the pots, making the ovens sing…”

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